The All in one machine 1:Medieval time.

4 kids

(Noah is in his lab, working on a chip. Zach is getting wheels.)
Noah:Done! Yes! That was the last chip! For a while at least.

(1 minute later, Noah finishes a machine he was working on. Zach comes back and gives Noah wheels)
Zach:I'm back!
Noah:Good,thats the last part.
Zach:What is it called?
Noah:I call it ... The all in one machine!
Zach:What can it do?
Noah:It can turn into any vehicle!
Zach:Where should we go?
Noah:I think we should go into the past!
Noah:Do you want to?
Zach:Sure! When in the past?
Noah:How about medieval times?

(They landed in a village)
Noah:Where is everybody?
(A door opened)
Noah:Where is everybody,sir?
Villager:Call me Dave.There is a dragon that keeps on raiding this village.
Noah:OK,we will help you!Do you know the weak spot?
Dave:No,but the weakness is rocks.
(The Machine turned into a catapult,and Noah and Dave got rocks.)
Dave:Uh oh!The dragon is coming!
Noah:I'l load the rocks.
(The dragon attacks.The catapult hits him with rocks.The dragon dies.)

The end!

The All in one machine 2:The dragon army.

22 kids

(In the village, people were celebrating.)
Villagers:Yes!The dragon is gone!
Dave:Noah, don't tell this to anyone.
Dave:I'm a spy for the kingdom,and the enemy has a mechanical dragon army.
Dave:Luckily we have a mechanical lion army,but its no match for those dragons.
Noah:Oh-no.Do you think you can win?
Dave:Maybe,with your help.
Noah:I'll help you.