6 action game.

# of players:

5 or less


Put the tokens on the board.
Then put energy and the cards down randomly around the board.


To destroy all the other players and the enemys and get more then 21 points.

How to play

1.pick 3 actions

2.do them


move: move your token on the board

open: open a door or a chest

attack: roll a die. the charachter that you were attacking loses that much energy.
if you are using a sword, attack the player or enemy next to you on the board. else, attack any player or enemy(your choice) with a weapon you have(your choice).

pick up: pick up the card or energy you are at.

use a card

mimic: mimic any player(your choice).

Type of cards

Steal: take a card, point or a energy from any player(your choice).discard.

Armour: keep.

Bow: use attack.keep.

Energy drainer: use attack. get the energy that the other player lost.keep.

Factory: every time you use a card get 2 points.keep.

Gold!: get 2 points and a enemy shows up that only you can fight.discard.

Tornado: all players lose 2 energy.discard.

Poison bottle: every attack you do poisons the player or enemy you attackd.keep.

Store: you are alowed to buy from other player.keep.


Poison: every turn you lose 1 more energy for actions. lasts 3 turns.

Mimic: copy the player you were mimicings 3 actions. lasts 1 turn.